Hello everyone my name is Anthony Britton and I am 23 years young. I love being a movie critic, watching, and playing sports. I also enjoy various genres of music from hip-hop music to 90’s rock. I have a lot to say and hopefully you will enjoy my blogs.


  1. Why are you important? What would draw me to your blog? The name sounds self inflated so you already have a lot to live up to. Perhaps rethink your name.

  2. comm498A says:

    Wow. This looks really really good! such a difference! The light grey and graphics in the background and the red & black – everything! except the text is dense. too much in one go. better if you edit it down or break it up into bite size pieces. But visually – wow!

  3. Anthony,
    You need to be putting ‘categories’ together for your blog and tag them.

    It is good to see your direction is improving and I like it. Work on the quality of your writing and not the word count.

    • anthonyb21 says:

      Thank you for the Advise. At first I didn’t know what I was doing with my blog, but now I have direction thanks to you. I also plan on meeting with someone in the writing center to help run through some of my content for my future posts. Stay tuned, thanks for the feedback again greatly appreciated.

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