Madden Curse Still Alive??

Posted: March 6, 2012 in News, Sports

Wow I have to say im a little disappointed in my NFL network anchor Marshal Faulk. He just retired not too long ago, got bonuses for winning a superbowl early in the 21st century and had big contracts. Now he is going to have to give up an apartment he took a loan out for in early september of 2011. Do these guys save any money when they get it or do they just spend it up and then when they retire they try to make some again because they have none left. Marshal has not excuse though he was part of the NFL when running back were more valued and paid more now running backs might get a good contract if there the best in the league hands down, but other than that most teams do a “running back by committee” which means they have 3 descent ones they can pay less then a great one that will cost the team cap room. I still loved watching you play Marshal and listening to you on NFL network, but it is what it is 78% of retired NFL players are either bankrupt, stressed out, and or divorced now so….


  1. comm498A says:

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