Whiz does it all right even with his mom involved?

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Music, News

Whiz Khalifa Famous Hip-hop artist yesterday recently changed his twit pic to him kissing his mom on the mouth.  After becoming part of the Forbes Hip-hop kings and making Eleven million last year and plans to be making 100 million this year. Big jump I would say, but he does have a mix-tape coming out again and got a lot of buzz this last year so we will all see I guess.

  1. Seth W says:

    I think it’s sweet, family is important and moms are cool. Plus it definitely humanizes Whiz, makes him seem more relatable. Solid business move, solid personal move, this guy might make $100M yet.

    • anthonyb21 says:

      Yeah it shows that he has not forgotten where he came from and I thought it was pretty cool to see an artist not care either about what people think because he posted the picture up himself to show his love for his mom.

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